Sump / Ejector Pump Tank Covers

Stres Les Tank Covers offer a huge stress relief for those that have basements or lower level family living areas with plumbing such as a kitchen or bath. Homes or businesses located in areas with high levels of ground water or significant springtime runoff are dependent on sump pump operation. Stres Les Covers give homeowners a peace of mind by providing a transparent tank cover that permits visual inspection of faulty pumps and/or water back-up issues. Additionally, Stres Les Tank Covers provide a means to remove excess water via a suction port in the event of water back-up or for removing fluids from a full sump tank. A Stres Les Tank Cover offers a way to check for issues without removing the cover. Lower the risk of exposure to potentially dangerous fluids or sewer gas. Being able to routinely check your sump pump gives peace of mind.