About Stres Les Tank Covers

My product was produced because there are many homeowners and landlords that need a bit less stress in their life !

For many years of tenants calling to say “my basement / family room carpet is wet”. And expecting me to magically be able to fix the issue, I had to bring this improved sump/lift pump cover to market.

Any tri-level home or home with family room having plumbing in the lower level may need a lift pump to remove water from sinks, showers or toilets up and out to sewer or septic systems.

A common problem encountered is when a float on the pump is stuck in a downward position. In which case the float does not rise to signal the pump to turn on and eject the fluid from the sump pump tank. In such scenarios, the fluid may seep out of the tank and wet the surrounding area, such as basement or family room. These outcomes can be both costly to fix, as well as unsanitary or even dangerous. These problems could be avoided if the individuals could visually inspect the malfunction without removing the cover. Individuals many times are able to manually empty the tank to a certain level with a shop vacuum by viewing the contents. Then having time to call your plumber letting him know the issue so they can bring the correct parts. Saving time on a service call for repairs.

When a homeowner is out of town for the season and typically has ground water issues, even setting up a camera on the clear cover can help if your pump battery back-up is out.