Why A Stres Les Tank Cover?

Stres Les Tank Cover is an improved sump/lift pump cover. It is transparent enabling the user to view the tank contents to identify a malfunction or just a float issue. This offers a way to prevent unfortunate sewage overflows that may require extensive time and effort to clean up.

After securing the cover to the sump/lift pump tank, a seal is produced that helps prevent overflow of gray water or sewage out of the tank. The user can investigate the tank for potential overflow without removing the cover. And in this manner, a risk of exposure to potentially dangerous fluids or sewer gas is reduced or minimized. The flanges are tight fitting.

Being able to routinely check your pump gives peace of mind. Fluid may seep out of the tank and wet the surrounding area, such as basement or family room. These outcomes can be both costly fix, as well as unsanitary or even dangerous. These problems could be avoided if the individuals could visually inspect the malfunction without removing the cover. I hate the thought of taking that black or metal cover off, knowing it is going to spill out onto the floor. For that reason, one of my covers has a vacuum port. This enables the homeowner to use your shop vacuum to remove the fluids to a level that can be safely let stand until your plumber can come out to repair the issue.

Homeowners, many times are able to (manually empty the tank to a certain level as to prevent an overflow) by viewing the contents. Then having time to call your plumber letting him know the issue so he can bring the correct parts. Saving time on a service call.

When a homeowner is out of town for the season, and has ground water issues, even setting up a camera on the clear cover can help if your pump battery back-up is out.